Sharon Coleman in Green HeadshotThe Mindful Leader

The goal of this 12-session program is to help leaders navigate the choppy waters of an organization and get people moving in the same direction. The mindful leader knows that relationships are key to the success of any enterprise. Thus, he or she works to build rapport, trust and clarity.

Key parts of the coaching process:

Awareness of Impact

How does the leader currently build bonds with people at all levels in the organization?  Through interview and written assignments, I will help you get a picture of your style and skills as well as identify what is working and not working now.  Together, we investigate reactivity, belief systems and other internal obstacles.

Values and Intentions

When you see clearly the dynamics of the present situation, you can decide what values and practices would most serve all concerned. You can then create a vision or template for change.

Change and Follow-through

I will support you with realistic tools and practices that you can use in order to bring alive your new vision of yourself as leader. We will have periodic check-ins  to identify progress and address obstacles and setbacks.

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