Live Your Delight

“Keep knocking, and the joy inside
Will eventually open a window
And look out to see who’s there.”

~ Rumi

What does it mean to live your delight?  It means to know that you are a delight, to know that other people are a delight.  It means to take delight in the world that is all around us.  It means to live fully and to realize our interconnectedness with everything.

“After moving from NYC to the Berkshires I was visiting the city one day.  Walking along Lexington Avenue in midtown, I was struck by everyone’s hurry.  I knew that they were probably headed to work or to an appointment.  But I also saw the creases of tension and unhappiness written all over their faces.  I felt a kinship with everyone as I recalled my many years of separation from the experience of delight.  Now, at a place in my life where I can pause and savor so much, I want to pass on the technologies of change that helped me.”

This retreat consists of a series of five major themes:

  • Creating Spaciousness: clearing clutter from our minds and our lives.
  • Embracing Empathy: enriching our connection with ourselves and others.
  • Learning the Power of Softening: finding openness, ease and vitality.
  • Letting Go of Demand Energy: meeting life with equanimity and trust.
  • Loving What Is: accepting and delighting in ourselves and our bodies.

Note that during 2017 the above themes will be offered as separate modules. There will also be a full retreat. In the winter of 2018, the full retreat will be offered in Antigua, Guatemala.


“Because suffering is impermanent, we must transform it.
Because happiness is impermanent, we must nourish it.”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Sharon Coleman, PhD